Welcome to the OhGaming: Wild West WikiEdit

This is one of the many modpacks that OhGaming offers to Minecraft players.

This modpack places you into the western times with horses, guns, bows, and much more!

This server offers different things to do rather then the normal PvP/PvE Towny servers out there. 

This server is a mature server, there is one rule of no crying,complaining, or b****ing about getting killed. This is a PvP server! Get use to it!

You'll have a bloody good time raiding villages and blowing them to pieces!

A Few Of The Mods In This Pack:

  • Cheaper Arrows
  • Carpenters Blocks
  • Barrels
  • Herblore
  • Biblio Craft
  • Better Storge
  • Weather
  • Flan's Western Weapons
  • More Bows
  • T-Construct
  • Useful Food
  • NEI
  • Rei Minimap

Also MANY More!

This wiki is made for new players that join everyday but don't want to learn more about each mod and what they have to offer!

This wiki is also to help other potential players to read more about the server and the mods this server has to offer!

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